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International House,
Manyata Embassy Business Park Ground Floor, E1 Block, Beech Building, Outer Ring Road 560045 Bangalore , karnatak , India
Address: New York, NY,10016
Phone: (917) 9638141
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At The Spine & Rehab Group, our Board Certified Interventional Spine Specialists and NYC and NJ Back Pain Doctors are committed to providing relief from back pain, increasing mobility and improving quality of life. Our team of doctors focuses on non-surgical back pain treatment options to patients with back pain, back injuries and spine conditions. Comprehensive diagnostic services and back pain treatment options are offered in both our Manhattan and New Jersey locations to help get to the bottom of your back pain and get
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Full Address:
The Mills at Jersey Gardens 651, Kapkowski Rd

Phone Number:
(908) 282-9449

In the digital age where social networks have replaced photo albums, the connection between the virtual and real world has become much more significant.

NYinstawood enables the printing of personal pictures on blocks of wood and other materials. The pictures are printed using a unique printer and technology, where the block is prepared on site within minutes.

The final product is a beautifully
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For More Details:
Website: https://whyteconcepts.com/
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8339 NW 66th St, Miami, FL 33166


A properly tailored estate plan is a tool your family can use in the event you become incapacitated, providing you with peace of mind that both your wishes are being followed and that your finances are handled according to your standards.

Powers of Attorney: This document is extremely important because it allows you to appoint someone to make financial decisions for you in the event you are incapacitated.

Address: 18441 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33169
Phone: 305-985-4638
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At Irama Valdes, P.A. we look forward to getting to know you and your family in order to create an effective estate plan that reflects your wishes and flows with your family’s unique dynamics. Families have different structures and finances and thus require an estate plan that accurately represents them. You are unique: So is your estate plan. A properly tailored estate plan is a tool your family can use in the event you become incapacitated, providing y
321 SW 105th Pl, Miami, FL 33174


Florida Probate administration is the court-supervised process that involves identifying and gathering the assets of an individual who has passed away (commonly referred to as the decedent). The probate process ensures that the claims by the decedent’s creditors, the expenses of administration, and all appropriate taxes are properly addressed and/or paid. Florida probate also involves distributing the assets from the decedent’s name to all beneficiaries.

Assets that a decedent owned at the time of the death are considered probate assets.
Address: 12500 SW 117th Ct, Miami, FL 33186

Phone: 305-985-4657

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There are times when a loved one is unable to care for him or herself. This could be a lifelong condition due to diminished mental capacity, or it could be something that started because of age, illness, infirmity, an accident, or any number of other reasons.

When this happens, family members typically come together to help that person with their needs, and even help them to get into assisted living facility, if necessary. Simply providing for their care is a great kindness, but it is important to make
4170 SW 152nd Path, Miami, FL 33185


Probate is the legal process that takes place after the death of an individual to make sure that their assets are properly collected and distributed to the appropriate beneficiaries by the appointed executor. If the deceased left behind an estate plan, identifying their beneficiaries is as simple as reading the will; if not, their assets will be distributed according to Florida’s intestate succession laws.

Most assets that are solely under the name of the decedent will usually have to go through probate. Financial accounts with designa
Address: 223 E Flagler St #206a, Miami, FL 33131

Phone: 305-985-4626

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Ms. Valdes is actively involved in the legal community. She currently serves as Vice-Chair for the Probate and Guardianship Committee of the Dade County Bar association. She previously served as the treasurer for the Miami Lakes Bar Association, and is a member of the Cuban American Bar Association, the Dade County Bar Association, the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Inc., the National Association of Professional Women and the South Miami Kendall Bar Association.

Considering each of her c
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